Should You Use Voice-Overs for Your Game Trailer/Preview?

Skipping voice acting is a marked risk if:

1. The subject matter or take-away of your video would be difficult to understand without a narrative description

Mafia Empire
Metropolis: Lux Obscura

2. A voice-over is more of a creative than a practical necessity

Altar: War of Gods
Darklings II

3. Your video is both promotional and instructional

World of Lost Toys
One Life Story

4. You need a universal game trailer or app store preview

Religion inc.

You’re probably ok without a voice-over if:

1. Your video features an effective music soundtrack

PvPets: Tank Battle Royale
Heroes of War Magic

2. Your video footage is chock full of action…

Taonga: The Island Farm — Action

3. … or the opposite — the animation is slow-paced

Alphabear 2
Mahjong Village

4. Your video is designed for Facebook ads

Guild of Heroes (30 sec.)
Guild of Heroes (13 sec.)

So, to voice or not to voice?



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