Case study: Product launch strategy based on a study of search demand


Client’s Request: “Develop a new product launch strategy focusing on building reputation”

Niche Analysis And Market Research

  • How strong are the client’s existing pages and how can they be made better?
  • What are the optimal keywords?
  • What can we take from competitor strategies to promote the client’s site?
  • How can we bypass certain competitors in a Google search for basic thematic requests?
  • How strong is the external activity of competitors (links, references)?
  • Are the competitors the client listed really the main competitors in different regions?
  1. Analyzed the text relevance of the existing pages on the client’s site.
  2. Compared 7 main groups of keywords defined by the client.
  3. Found and rated 15 additional keyword groups.
  4. Examined the user’s portrait and compared it with the real intentions of users based on the collected pool of requests.
  5. Created a visual search demand tree for all queries.
  6. Compared selected queries in English for 6 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany).
  7. Analyzed the intersection of requests from 3 competitor sites.
  8. Defined “fake” requests of competitors.
  9. Found competitors with intersecting semantic cores.
  10. Completed a comprehensive analysis of the search promotion strategy of three competitors.

Niche Analysis And Search Demand Check

Search Demand Check Screen 1
The indicators of 3 main queries for the selected regions

What Did Competitor Analysis Show?

Competitor Analysis Screen 2
The allocation of the traffic of main competitors
Traffic quality Screen 3
Analyzed sites had impressive results in a narrow corporate niche
  1. Different technical solutions when working with subdomains and client projects.
  2. Different approaches to the localization of proposals.
  3. Different categories on which projects are positioned and, as a result, different semantic cores

Conclusions About a Niche And Competitors After Researching Their Requests

Product Launch Strategy After Examining Competitors Sites and Keywords

  1. Mass generation of “technical” pages by templates, for example, site profile pages with parameters.
  2. Stimulating the generation of content by users on individual content projects, most often Q&A.
  3. The publication of a large number of informational blog articles about the thematic semantic core on the site, a subdomain or a formally unrelated thematic domain, but with a link to the main site.

What Did The Client Decide?

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