The Better Way to Manage App Screenshots for App Store and Google Play

You’ve localized your app and need to add the screenshots to the App Store or Google Play. Easy? Yes, knowing some pitfalls and lifehacks.

You’ve developed a mobile app or game and decided you want it to go global. Getting your app to be available internationally involves localization, an element of App Store Optimization.

Localization is the process of adopting your app to different locales.

It also consists of matching cultural preferences when it comes to slang terms and imagery so that an app is communicating well with its global audience.

So what if you have already localized your app and app store listing and need to upload some screenshots? Let’s see next.

The challenge of uploading app screenshots for various app locales

Localization of a mobile app or game comes with its challenges. But, uploading your app screenshots after they’ve been localized also has its own obstacles.

#1. It takes too long

A region or app storefront is called a locale. Once your app screenshots are localized, you’ll need to upload them to App Store Connect or Google Play Console for each locale. Manually, this task takes hours.

In both App Store Connect and Google Play Console, you have to keep switching back and forth from one locale to the next. It could be 10+ hours for 10 locales. That’s a lot of wasted time, and that’s precisely the challenge that is addressed at App Radar.

#2. There are too many device sizes

Apps that run on both iOS and Android need their app screenshots to be optimized for different device sizes. Apple App Store’s iOS screenshot sizes are more precise than Google Play’s screenshot sizes. Only Apple produces devices that run on iOS, so they can control the screen sizes that are on the market.

Android, on the other hand, runs on many different kinds of smartphones across a variety of brands. Google, in this case, can’t control what screen sizes are on the market. So Google Play has fewer requirements and will adapt your screenshots to the user’s device resolution.

Different Android phones. Source:

Regardless, it takes time to sort out these different design specs and upload them onto App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

#3. You can’t upload screenshots for every locale at once

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can bulk upload your app screenshots into App Store Connect and Google Play. You’ll have to upload the images for each locale and also device size individually.

But, you don’t want to waste your valuable time, merely uploading screenshots. Now you might be thinking, there must be a better way to handle this. And there is!

App Radar’s Media Manager — a time-efficient solution

So, the localization team has localized your app screenshots. Now App Radar’s Media Manager can save you the time and effort it takes to upload and publish them to App Store and Google Play.

Uploading app screenshots for 1 locale

If you only need to update a single locale, the Media Manager has a quick drag and drop functionality that will make your life 10x easier.

All you have to do is go to the App Radar App Store Optimization tool, open the Media Manager, select the locale, and drag and drop the screenshots you need to upload. You’ll also be able to rearrange them after they’re uploaded easily.

Easily drag and drop to rearrange screenshots with the Media Manager. Source: App Radar

When you’re satisfied with how your app screenshots look, you can publish the changes directly from App Radar to App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Uploading app screenshots for more than 1 locale

Here is where the magic happens. The Media Manager allows you to place every single app screenshot for every locale and every device size into 1 folder and then drag and drop to upload. That’s right, you can upload 100+ screenshots in a simple drag and drop.

The important thing is that you follow the folder structure and file naming conventions. This helps the Media Manager correctly sort the screenshots into its right locale and device size.

Upload app screenshots for every locale and device size in 1 click with the Media Manager. Source: App Radar

Once you’ve uploaded the folder, you’ll be asked to confirm the changes. Afterward, you can rearrange the screenshots to your liking and publish the changes to App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

It’s that easy. With the Media Manager, you reduce 10+ hours of work into seconds.

See if your app screenshots affected app growth

Another benefit of this App Store Optimization tool is that you can keep track of when you updated your app screenshots.

By doing so, you’ll be able to see if the changes you made affected your app growth. Spikes in impressions and downloads after an update show that users are well receiving your new app screenshots.

The more you track your app metrics, the easier it will be to keep growing.

Don’t stop at localizing your app, and save then more time by uploading your app screenshots with the Media Manager. You’ll earn hours of work back and ensure that your app screenshots are always looking great.

Looking for more? App Store Optimization services can also help improve your app ranking in the app stores, increase impressions, and get more downloads.

Have the best of luck with your localization projects!

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