InDriver case study: how to create the perfect ride-sharing app for 31 countries with different languages and cultures?

How did it all start?

By accident, just like all the best things in the world. On a freezing evening in 2012 in Yakutsk, a number of the inhabitants who chose to hail a taxi found themselves subjected to inflated rates by their drivers.

Making the idea a reality

“We set out to prove that a regional startup could create a successful international business through hard, honest work,” Egor Fedorov recalls. “We created high-class technology built on an ideology of freedom and fairness.

To be understood in every country

At every stage of a startup, company localization was handled by one manager and five translators. The company flourished: inDriver began operating not only in metropolises but also in smaller cities with unique dialects.

Localization: problems and objectives

In order to expand and capture new markets, we needed quality localization. This meant finding solutions to several challenges:

  1. Adapting complex languages for translation. “Perhaps the simplest were Indonesian and Hindi,” says Egor Fedorov. “Indonesian localization required quite a bit of editing due to limits on the acceptable word length. The words in the language are quite long, and they simply did not fit on the screen of a cell phone.”
  2. Localization process management. The company had a team of five people, each of whom worked separately, disconnected from the rest.
  3. Market testing. A part of the app would be translated and tested regionally. If the launch went well, the entire app was translated. This approach made it hard to find native speakers who were willing to undertake a low-volume job while delivering a high-quality translation.

inDriver + Alconost = how it works

Alconost became the middleman for inDriver in its pursuit of localization.

Localization analysis

The professional translators at Alconost helped inDriver localize the app into specific dialects. Yes, at Alconost specialists were found for every rare language required.

A personalized approach

Rare languages were needed in order to maintain a high level of user trust, so the inDriver app was translated even into dialects typical of smaller cities.

A unified translation base

Before the integration of the CrowdIn platform, the translation process was managed by a decentralized team at inDriver.

What was the result?

The result was this:

  • 85,000 words translated in the course of 2020
  • Translation into 10 languages, a third of them complex languages and dialects
  • A systematized localization process
  • Reduced localization expenses

About Alconost

Professional app localization services. Translation of all types of software.



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