How We Ended Up as #4 Product of the Day on Product Hunt — Without a Hunter

Our Product Hunt launch board right when the big day was over

What is your goal of getting featured on Product Hunt?

Bummer! Things I didn’t expect

Best time to launch on Product Hunt?

Getting a top hunter: pros and cons

Why you need a Ship page

Nitro’s Ship page stayed in the top-3 products for over a week
2nd version of our Ship page

Why not all Product Hunt upvotes are equal

How to inspire the Product Hunt community comment on your product

Watch out for the ‘voting ring’

Users finding out that the product was removed from Product Hunt

How to take part in the Product Hunt community and make useful connections

Visuals: why you need a video and the Product Hunt cat

One of our Product Hunt page visuals

How to get some traction on Twitter

Tracking your results on the launch day

How to give your Product Hunt launch an extra boost



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