How To Easily Localize Marketing Content and Gain Loyal Users

Our experience on how to localize marketing content as easily as possible.

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What is marketing localization?

Things to consider when you tackle marketing localization

  • informative and persuasive, to describe a product or service and motivate to buy;
  • creative, to help stand out from competitors and be remembered;
  • authentic — after all, it is advertising your particular product.
Haribo commercial, Youtube

Localizing different types of marketing content

Landing page localization

Localization of ASO

Localization of advertising campaigns

Case Study: One of the major Nitro API clients uses the platform to translate Search Text Ads into 28 languages at once.

Localization of visuals

Localization of a babycare app for Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Brazil

Localization of email campaigns

Localization of online banners

Localization of reviews

How localization of marketing works

  • description of the product or service;
  • description of the brand, its positioning and target audience;
  • style guide, or rules for writing and designing texts;
  • tone of the marketing content;
  • information about competitors and how this product/service differs from theirs;
  • general information on the industry that the client considers important;
  • translation memory — a database of previously translated content;
  • instructions for translation of terms and specific words,
  • limitations, e.g. character limits, etc.




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