Game videos from the Game Trailer Challenge: overview and breakdown with Alconost


4 videos that just missed the bar

Trailer for Carebotz: 7 points

Teaser for Pale Night: 7 points

Trailer for Covert: 8 points

Trailer for Wayfarers: Call of Osiris: 8 points

Alconost’s top 5 game videos

Words trailer: 9 points

Trailer for EXISTENTIAL: 9 points

Teaser for Sunfall: Children of Adiona: 9 points

Trailer for Under the Counter: 9 points

  1. Voice-over. More than just reading the text aloud, this was truly voice acting — exactly what a story-telling trailer needs. The reading style, the logical pauses, the semantic emphasis — everything is in place, and all at the proper dosage — no overacting.
  2. Visual style. The art is varied, but it maintains a uniform style. The crimson hues in certain scenes and the neon sign in the logo neatly and appropriately break up the video’s color scheme, which is generally fairly subdued.
  3. The camera technique, sliding downward beyond what was previously visible in the frame. This dovetails nicely with the game’s title, and creates an atmosphere of a secret about to be revealed. A terrific example of meaningful motion design.
  4. Overall smooth, well-regulated animation. The pace of the video sequence matches that of the audio. The in-frame events do not distract from the essence of the story line.
  5. Music and sound effects: all suitable, even-keeled, and perfectly combined.

Trailer for #DRIVE: 10 points

Bonus: a terrific teaser for a non-existent game

Teaser for Fast Like Hell: 10 points

Who won the challenge

Top videos as voted for by the jury

Want to make a trailer or teaser for your game?

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