Corporate Blogging: What to Write and How

Planning is the most important step in corporate blogging

What is the difference between a corporate blog and a corporate website?

Examine the future corporate blog’s audience and their needs

  • what to write in blog posts (subject);
  • how to write the blog (genre and format);
  • how much and how often to post;
  • how to promote the blog (a blog shouldn’t just develop on its own; it also need to be promoted through various channels).

Determine the topics of the articles in your corporate blog

For example, Serpstat service has a Search Issues tool that shows users interests on your topic

How to write blogs: determining the genre and format of posts

  1. Provide instructions. Answer “how to” questions in an interesting way using graphics or video. “How to localize an app,” “How to promote your website,” “How to start blogging” — articles with step-by-step instructions are always in demand.
  2. Make guides for people who aren’t well versed in your area of expertise. Your content should not only be for advanced readers who are already deeply immersed in the topic. Remember that your customer isn’t obligated to understand your field. Talk about the basics of what you do in an accessible and friendly way. Simplicity is always ingratiating.
  3. FAQs. They’re a great way to not only relieve your support team of unnecessary workload, but also optimize your website for specific requests.
  4. Interviews. First-hand information is perceived as extremely reliable.
  5. Industry reviews and trends. People should see that you’re developing your expertise and keeping up with the times. Reviews show you to be an expert in your field.
  6. Reviews of your own products. This is an obvious format that many people forget about because they tend to assume that the product page on their website is enough. However, the more you talk about a product from a practical point of view, the more chances you have to sell it. Combining various media (video, photos, text) is always a plus.
  7. Bust myths that reign in your industry or conduct an experiment and record the results. These kinds of “live” blog posts will definitely get your readers’ attention.
  8. Stories from your customers. Someone else’s experience is always useful and interesting.

How much and how often to write in a corporate blog

People read much more nowadays, so 20–25 posts per month for a corporate blog is normal

What to write about in a corporate blog?

How to promote a corporate blog

  1. Social media — share your posts on your social media pages and encourage your followers to share the information
  2. Optimize your posts for popular keywords. However, you also want to make sure the texts of your posts don’t devolve into lists of keywords with zero meaning. This is extremely important!
  3. Email marketing — according to numerous studies, this is one of the most effective ways to promote a blog. Try to create an email newsletter for your client base, monitor their reactions, and respond in a timely manner.
  4. Advertising via influencers is a popular method of promotion nowadays, especially among young people. If your product is aimed at a younger audience, you absolutely have to try this channel as a way to promote your corporate blog.
  5. Contextual ads, banners, guest posts, and other methods of online advertising are as old as time itself, but they still get the job done.
  6. Multilingualism — this can become a way to attract foreign customers in and of itself. At Alconost, we have experience working with multilingual promotion, and we’ve seen excellent and sometimes unexpected results from posts that have been translated into other languages.

Corporate blogs examples




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Blog of Alconost Inc.

Blog of Alconost Inc.

We localize apps, games, websites, & software and provide video production, multilingual marketing, & instant translation services. Visit us at

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