Best Languages for Game Localization

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What are the highest- and lowest-priority objectives when it comes to game localization?

We suggest raising this question first before selecting localization languages. Why? Because, depending on the type of game you’re localizing, your business objectives, and your audience’s expectations, there are several levels of localization.

What are the most profitable languages for the games industry?

An overview of the segmentation of the games industry by profitability as of June 2019 was provided in a statistical report by Newzoo. However, when suggesting where to start with game localization, we shouldn’t just rush ahead and start at the top of the list, then work our way down. First of all, this is because Newzoo’s analysis is based on population, including internet users, and revenue from games. However, it doesn’t cover perspective markets, namely high-growth markets that represent the future of gaming and, as such, make every localization investment well-founded.

Statistics of the markets by game revenues as of June 2019 is provided by Newzoo

So what are the fastest-growing markets in the games industry?

According to another study by Newzoo, the fastest-growing region for games in 2018 was South Asia and the Pacific (+16.8% as of 2017), followed by Latin America (+13.5%). In addition, Globenewswire anticipates the fastest growth in South Asia and the Pacific region, particularly Indonesia and Thailand, with Vietnam and China (Taiwan) at the top for now. As for Latin America, according to Bizztech, the front-runners are Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Image designed by Alconost
Image designed by Alconost

What are the most popular languages for game localization right now?

Right now the most frequently-selected languages for game localization at Alconost are Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, and Turkish.

What are the key languages and countries for game localization?

We’re getting close to sharing our recommendations for the best way to allocate your game localization budget. We definitely want to look at localization as a fair investment in the future of every game-related business and the industry in general.

  1. English — USA, UK
  2. Chinese, traditional and simplified — Taiwan, China
  3. Japanese — Japan
  4. Korean — South Korea
  5. German — Germany
  6. Spanish — Argentina, Mexico
  7. Portuguese — Brazil
  8. French — France, Canada
  9. Vietnamese — Vietnam
  10. Indonesian — Indonesia

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