Animated Video Cost in 2023: 3 Factors To Consider

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Animated video cost in 2023

The question of the cost of an animated video inevitably arises when you’re planning a budget and choosing a production company for such a video. We always say to our clients that the final cost of an animated video depends on several factors, such as the overall concept in general and the complexity of graphics and animation, just to name a few.

Today, we’re going to do the math and look at what the cost of making an animated video depends on, at least when you select Alconost as your animated video production company.

We distinguish 3 main factors that determine animated video cost.

Quantity of scenes

When determining animated video cost, many companies calculate their price based on the total length of the video. However, we approach it differently, by counting the number of scenes. After all, the main task of the selling video is to sell, not overload the viewer with information, isn’t it? On average, a scene is 3–5 events in a single setting; changing the setting means the beginning of a new scene.

Curious how long a scene could last? The average duration of a scene is between 5 and 15 seconds, with opening and closing scenes closer to the lower time limit, and the scenes in the middle closer to the upper limit. To help you imagine how many scenes an average explainer can consist of, here’s a hint: a 90-second video usually has from 7 to 13 scenes of different complexity.

The animated video cost depends on the quantity of scenes

Animation complexity

Not only the quantity of scenes but also their complexity affects the animation video cost. The simpler the scenes, the lower the total price will be. Complex scenes require a more detailed approach, such as drawing sophisticated graphics or even modeling objects or environments in 3-D.

2-D animation is generally considered to be the easiest, fastest and cheapest animation type. Choosing 3-D animation results in a more costly production in comparison with a 2-D video, not least because of labor-intensive design work and time-consuming rendering steps.

You can find a perfect example of a 3-D video we made for one of our clients here

Extra assets

Sometimes clients ask for “extra” options, which certainly affects how much an animated video costs. This can be creating a music track from scratch, or detailed 3-D model development, or drawing unique characters or environments.

If you don’t want to splash out, think of whether you actually need these extras, or if they are only embellishments. In other words, would these assets help to make your video a better sales pitch, illustrate your product better, or increase viewer engagement?

From our experience, you might not need extra assets in the majority of cases. However, if you need a video to promote a physical, tangible product, 3-D modeling is an option to consider to vividly showcase it, while a detailed environment or characters can support the story you tell in a convincing manner.

3-D animation is more expensive, but looks awesome

Live Action Videos

Live action videos use real footage and actors to explain a product or concept and motivate viewers to try it. Undoubtedly, film equipment rentals, location fees, actors and crew salaries are costly. But the good news is that actual shooting with all the bells and whistles listed above is not the only way to create a live-action video!

First, you can use stock videos that fit your topic and create the right mood, and insert these live scenes into your animated video. Second, you can get professional advice on how to shoot a video suitable for business needs, record it on your own, and use this film as one of your assets for a future video.

Watch how we inserted a live-action scene into an animated video for our Nitro product

Animated video cost estimates

In the table below you’ll find rough estimates of production costs at Alconost for animated videos.

As we mentioned earlier, duration isn’t actually the determining factor when it comes to the cost of animated videos produced at Alconost, but you can use the length as a reference to get the price range in broad strokes.

Please note that the numbers below are ballpark figures. Video production is done with custom pricing at Alconost, and your project cost will be calculated with your requirements towards your future video taken into account. But if you are wondering about an average cost for animated video production, the figures below can be helpful.

The prices listed below include script writing, storyboarding, animation, voiceover recording and sound design.

Animated video costs

* Here you can find more specific numbers on animated video pricing and see how the costs vary for 2-D and 3-D scenes.

** Check the options by clicking this link.

Animated videos can be created in different ways, each with varying degrees of complexity and cost. While live shooting and sophisticated animation can significantly affect the production budget, remember that the cost of the video does not necessarily determine its effectiveness in selling your product.

The most important factor is that your video clearly communicates the key benefits of your product or service to the viewer. Even with a tight budget, an effective animated video can still be created and help to promote your business.

Hopefully, this article sheds some light on animated video pricing, and if you’re eager to create a video for your business, we’re here to help!

Whether you need a 3-D animated explainer, an easy-to-watch 2-D animated video, or a live-action explanatory video, we at Alconost know how to make the video work in your favor. We take care of everything from the original script to the voice-over and help you avoid superfluous expenses without skimping on quality. Contact us to order a video for your business!



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