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4 min readDec 21, 2023
Alconost was named after a bird with a woman’s head from Byzantine legend

Alconost’s brand history began almost 20 years ago, in 2004. Back then, Alconost started offering translation services to IT companies. Today, Alconost’s localization business is flourishing. With over 100 supported languages, Alconost helps IT companies — from startups to giants such as Microsoft, JetBrains, and Wildlife Studios — attract users from all over the globe. In 2023, Alconost made the Inc. 5000 list among 0.5% of America’s fastest-growing companies, and earned a “Clients Love Us” badge from G2.

How Alconost soared into the video production market

Let’s glance back a few years. In 2011, Alconost (named after a bird with a woman’s head from Byzantine legend with a mesmerizing singing voice) got a new pair of wings. It was video production services for — once again — IT companies.

“Explanatory videos and tutorials are a powerful asset for promoting software and boosting user loyalty,” says Alex Murauski, Alconost’s founder and CEO. “Over the last 12 years we produced over a thousand videos of this kind. Eventually customers from non-IT markets started reaching out, wanting videos about their own businesses.”

How did word of Alconost Video reach so far? Their streamlined production process and fair pricing could be part of the reason. That’s what their customers consistently value, along with their high-quality animation.

One more secret ingredient of their success is the depth of their team’s involvement.

“Whether an explainer video for an oilfield services company or the behind-the-scenes story of an online service, the team mindfully delves into the details. That’s how we make every video meet the customer’s specific needs,” says Alconost’s CEO.

Praise for Alconost’s video production

“The entire team at Alconost was fantastic and made the entire process of creating a custom animation extremely easy.”

“Alconost made a promotional explainer video for us very swiftly. The quality of the final product was outstanding!”

“We’re very happy with the final video, and it was very reasonably priced for the quality!”

“They are proactive, good listeners, and always ready to help.”

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A cherry on top: in 2023 Alconost was named a Top Explainer Video & Top 2D Animation Company by

Alconost and CSR videos for marketing

In 2023, the Alconost Video team went a step further. They started to help socially responsible companies to highlight their positive impact using captivating and affordable videos.

Among their first CSR projects was a video for SOLIDU, an eco-cosmetics brand. Alconost showcased their biodegradable packaged dry shampoo through the lense of eco-responsibility.

Solidu CSR Video

“SOLIDU liked our video so much that they requested shortened versions to distribute via paid promotion channels,” recalls Alex.

Vaiva Zvirblyte, founder of SOLIDU, says:

“Alconost managed to explain what SOLIDU does clearly and simply. The CSR video they produced for us features fantastic animation! It’s visually stunning, and it powerfully conveys our mission and impact. Kudos to the talented team for their outstanding work! They delivered the project with remarkable speed, exceeding our expectations.”

CSR and beyond: how Alconost helps

When you run a sustainable business, it affects nearly every dimension of your company’s routine. Take for example the HSE side of a business.

“When we were producing a safety video for visitors to the Vita Baltic International chemical plant, they gave me a tour,” recalls Alex. “Sure, you can produce a corporate video without visiting the plant, but they said it would be a great experience — and it was!”

This video is one case where Alconost’s experience in video production and localization intertwine. In addition to the English, the video also has a Lithuanian version. The plant is located near the city of Alytus in Lithuania, so they expect to see some local guests!

Vita Baltic Safety Rules Video

“Video localization is a hidden gem that benefits our international customers,” emphasizes Alex. “Our translators and voiceover talents are all native speakers. They keep the brand’s tone of voice consistent in every language.”

Education is another sustainability dimension that Alconost addresses. No matter how complex your educational program is, a good video can present it concisely. See for yourself in this SE4Ces Knowledge Alliance video.

SE4Ces Knowledge Alliance video

Discover the loyalty-boosting potential of CSR

Once considered obligatory, today CSR is viewed as a genuine opportunity to build connections and boost customer loyalty. For sustainable business owners and marketers, better coverage of their CSR activities is a definitely plus.

“I believe that Alconost is an excellent video production partner for sustainable companies,” concludes Alex. “We showcase CSR activities in a convincing, visually appealing way that is simple and affordable.”

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