ASO in Other Languages

What is included in ASO optimization?

When people think of ASO, the first that comes to mind is keywords. But keywords aren’t the only thing that raises your app’s search rankings and boosts installs.

  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Icon
  • Screenshots
  • Promo video/App preview

Localization of page text

Title and subtitle. There is usually one English name that is preserved for all languages. Sometimes the name may be transliterated. For instance, Blocky Cars — Bloklu Arabalar (in Turkish), and Tinder — 틴더 (pronounced “Tindeo” in Korean).

Localization of page graphics

In addition to text, ASO optimization also pertains to graphic images, particularly icons and screenshots.

Real-world effects of ASO localization

Let’s examine the effects of ASO based on an actual Full HP case study. We translate two popular games for them: the free-to-play action games Blocky Cars and Mad GunZ. These games are available in 12 languages, with downloads totalling 50 million. They have been featured on Google Play, and all thanks in no small part to ASO optimization.

Perspective markets for ASO and app localization

Perhaps your app is already available in several popular languages, and you want to know where to go next. Here is a classic selection of languages that we at Alconost recommend to our clients:

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