The top 12 languages for localization; numbers, facts, and tips.

This information will be useful to you if you plan to release your service, application, or game onto foreign markets and have not yet decided which languages are your priority, or if you have already localized your product into key languages and are looking for additional markets where it could really “fly.”

Firstly, a few words about who we are and why conclusions can be drawn from our statistics. Here at Alconost, we localize applications, games, and web services. Our clients are major players in the IT market, as well as small teams and indie developers. …

Tips from an IT company with almost 20 years of going “officeless”!

This is the second post in our two-part Remote Working Series. Through this series, we’ll take a look at remote working through the eyes of a company that has been successfully running an “officeless” company for nearly 20 years.

In the first post of this series, we looked at the meaning of an ‘officeless’ workplace from the point of view of a company that has been doing it since its inception in 2004.

Alconost is a global provider of localization services for apps, games, videos, and websites in…

How to Choose the Perfect Tool for Your Project

It used to be that when developers needed something translated, they had to send the translator an Excel file to work with — not exactly convenient. Later, translators began working with CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, such as Trados or MemoQ, which was a big step forward. To this day, CAT tools remain an ideal option for long-term projects that require a custom setup, but they are still too ponderous and inflexible for Agile projects.

And then LMS/TMS (Localization Management System/Translation Management System) tools appeared on the scene. Unlike desktop-only CAT tools, these localization platforms do all their work in the…

Holiday Vectors by Vecteezy

Here at Alconost we’ve been creating videos for IT since 2011, and it’s fascinating to watch the industry evolving. In this article we’ll tell you what video genres interested our customers in the summer of 2021. We’ll take a look at IT videos and the tasks they’re designed to solve, and we’ll show you some interesting tricks used when creating game videos.

Different video versions for different target audiences

When videos are used for online advertising, targeting settings come into play. But will the ad still be effective if you show the same video ad to different target audiences? Our clients think ahead and consider audience segmentation…

Insights from an IT company with almost 20 years of going “officeless”!

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This is the first post in our two-part Remote Working Series. Through this series, we’ll take a look at remote working through the eyes of a company that has been successfully running an “officeless” company for nearly 20 years.

Remote working has become the business norm. But remote working isn’t a new concept. In fact, some companies practiced remote working pre-COVID, and their experience in tackling some of the challenges of working from home will be valuable to other businesses.

One of these companies is Alconost — a…

How can you show an app or game in your video in a way that attracts new users? Let’s take a look at what to go by when making decisions and what techniques to bear in mind when creating a promo video about your product.

Creating videos about a mobile app or game is a fascinating process, which appears to offer unlimited creative freedom. But unlimitedness has its downsides: after all, you need certain points of reference in order to make decisions. …

There are five main challenges when localizing and adapting a Chinese game — here are the solutions

The Chinese gaming market is already saturated, so it’s no surprise that Chinese gaming companies have started going global. As Zhang Yiming of ByteDance said, “China is home to only one fifth of the world’s internet users. Going global is a must.”

Going global is a logical move for any up-and-coming company, but the cultural gap and language differences can make your international launch seem rather daunting.

Alconost is a game localization specialist, and we’d like to share the best practices for bringing your Chinese game to Western markets. …

This spring we were invited to help judge the Game Trailer Challenge, in which gamedevs created videos for their games. We watched trailers and teasers made by developers and carefully evaluated each video. Today we’d like to show you the 10 videos that impressed us the most. We’ll talk about what exactly made them awesome, in our opinion, and what could have helped make them even better.

The challenge was inspired and sponsored by Games Operators, a Polish game publishing company, and hosted by the founders of the Game Industry Conference — an event for game developers that has been…

Make your courses multilungual

Learn how to make it easier to add new language versions of your courses to Moodle.

→ Example of an actual project

→ Specific challenges and solutions

→ How it works (video): we explain in 2 minutes

Automation Academy is an online platform for courses on automation, launched by WorkFusion, Inc. Course materials are intended for automation engineers, machine learning engineers, and data analysts, and for those who would like to enter these fields. Automation Academy currently has 30+ courses, 1000+ hours of learning materials, and over 35 thousand students.

The Automation Academy team wanted the courses compiled in English…

The global games market is flourishing, and expanding your audience to include international users is the simplest way to boost both traffic and revenue.

So game localization is the way to go, but how many languages should you localize your game into? Which languages should you start with?

In this article, here at game localization company Alconost we’ll be covering these topics and revealing new untapped markets.

Most popular languages for game localization

Right now the most frequently selected languages for game localization at Alconost are Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Polish.

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