Clear-cut as it may seem, some app developers treat localization as an afterthought. However, being well prepared in advance and designing a suitable workflow within the rest of your business processes from the very beginning cuts out a huge amount of work.

If you have a cool app or game, you’d love it if everyone tried using it, meaning literally everyone in the world. Here’s where localization helps. For most mobile app developers, language localization and adaptation for cultural nuances is only a matter of time and it’s never in vain.


Here’s our story how we’re developing a product using machine learning and neural networks to boost translation and localization

Artificial intelligence and its applications are one of the most sensational topics in the IT field. Many people try to imagine AI at work in their own lives, picturing it almost as a panacea, a red pill that fixes everything. The topic is rife full of rumors, hype, predictions, and…

Creating banners can sometimes be a weeks-long headache for an online marketing specialist, especially when they need animated banners for different advertising platforms. When planning a big display ad campaign, the team from a sushi delivery network in Minsk wondered if there was a service that could create hundreds of animated, custom-designed HTML5 banners that would meet ad network requirements. And they found one: Pikaban. Let’s take a look at how the team used it and what happened next.

The problem

The team at that sushi delivery network wanted their banners to be in their corporate style so that customers would remember them, and they also wished to display their menu’s full range on the banners, not just the most popular items. We all know that the devil’s in the details…

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