5 Things to Consider When Making a Video to Promote Your App or Game

1. Placement matters from square one

2. Videos for advertising networks: how to get the most out of them

Paradoxically, by making a video “for everyone,” you risk making a video for no one.

  1. You can try out various plotlines and visual techniques. For example, a young audience in Asian countries may be drawn to a high-contrast color scheme and heightened action dynamics. Conversely, a more mature European audience may take an interest in your product if its advertising video takes a different tone.
  2. You can test how each segment reacts to a given creative, then tweak the campaign’s direction “on the fly.” For example, if a video for one segment produces a low click-through or conversion rate, it can be fine-tuned — perhaps just by changing a button color or a call to action — or replaced with another.
  3. The videos can be rotated, swapping certain videos between closely related or overlapping audience segments. This will also let you add variety to your campaign — by keeping your advertising content from becoming stale — and demonstrate different aspects of your product to the same audience segment. It can happen that the product features showcased in the first or second video fail to interest a given viewer, but that a function emphasized in the third video will be just what they needed.

3. App stores: requirements, recommendations, and how to deal with them

  1. Recommendations for videos for the App Store: content-related, technical, and additional recommendations for AR apps.
  2. Recommendations for videos for Google Play: note the content guidelines in the “Highly Recommended” subsection.
  3. Steam trailer recommendations.

4. App videos: how to showcase the main features

It is important that the voiceover track be ready before the screenshots are animated.

5. Game trailers: how to show game features in all their glory

Summing Up



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