The top 12 languages for localization; numbers, facts, and tips.

This information will be useful to you if you plan to release your service, application, or game onto foreign markets and have not yet decided which languages are your priority, or if you have already localized your product into key languages and are looking for additional markets where it could really “fly.”

Firstly, a few words about who we are and why conclusions can be drawn from our statistics. Here at Alconost, we localize applications, games, and web services. Our clients are major players in the IT market, as well as small teams and indie developers. …

This spring we were invited to help judge the Game Trailer Challenge, in which gamedevs created videos for their games. We watched trailers and teasers made by developers and carefully evaluated each video. Today we’d like to show you the 10 videos that impressed us the most. We’ll talk about what exactly made them awesome, in our opinion, and what could have helped make them even better.

The challenge was inspired and sponsored by Games Operators, a Polish game publishing company, and hosted by the founders of the Game Industry Conference — an event for game developers that has been…

Make your courses multilungual

Learn how to make it easier to add new language versions of your courses to Moodle.

→ Example of an actual project

→ Specific challenges and solutions

→ How it works (video): we explain in 2 minutes

Automation Academy is an online platform for courses on automation, launched by WorkFusion, Inc. Course materials are intended for automation engineers, machine learning engineers, and data analysts, and for those who would like to enter these fields. Automation Academy currently has 30+ courses, 1000+ hours of learning materials, and over 35 thousand students.

The Automation Academy team wanted the courses compiled in English…

The global games market is flourishing, and expanding your audience to include international users is the simplest way to boost both traffic and revenue.

So game localization is the way to go, but how many languages should you localize your game into? Which languages should you start with?

In this article, here at game localization company Alconost we’ll be covering these topics and revealing new untapped markets.

Most popular languages for game localization

Right now the most frequently selected languages for game localization at Alconost are Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Polish.

Image source: VitalikRadko, Depositphotos

When a developer’s resources are limited, the desire to save money at each stage of video creation is perfectly understandable. We’ll tell you what stages it doesn’t pay to economize on, and suggest other ways to make creating your video less expensive.

Certain stages of the video creation process may seem of negligible importance, but when you try to cut costs on them, you either wind up with a video of noticeably lower quality, or else you end up complicating and delaying the project. What’s more, omitting these stages ultimately will not save you significant time or money. …

This post was originally published on blog.

It’s no surprise that eCommerce can be an absolute gold mine today. Covid-19 has already affected this market. US consumers are expected to spend $709.78 billion in 2021, meaning an overall 18.0% growth in eСommerce. Furthermore, e-sales are likely to reach 14.5% of total retail sales — the highest share increase in a single year on the market.

If you’re already a part of this eСommerce movement, you may be wondering how to increase your sales. The answer is simple: enter foreign markets, starting with localizing your website.

Why does your eCommerce website need localization?

Let’s first define what…

If you want to conquer the Asian gaming market, South Korea should be on your list of countries to focus on. As the world’s fourth-largest game market, South Korea provides game developers with plenty of opportunities. At the same time, Korean players are very demanding in terms of proper translation and localization, so if you don’t approach it right you could wind up in trouble.

In this article we’ll briefly review the Korean game market and see what kind of players prefer what kind of games. And of course, we’ll talk about some localization tips specific to Korea: by knowing…

When promoting your game on local markets, it makes sense for the game’s advertising materials to be translated into the native language of the target audience. Suppose you’ve already translated the bulk of the content for the game’s store page — localized the description, retaken the screenshots. And now you find yourself at the point of localizing the video… Here’s where things get a little more complex. Let’s take a look at the typical questions that arise when tackling the job of localizing a game video.

Should you re-capture the gameplay?

If the game interface itself has been localized into the target audience’s native language…

How to sell on Lazada, a leading eCommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia

This post was originally published on Payoneer Blog. Payoneer is a leading global payments solution for eCommerce sellers.

Southeast Asia is a high-growth region for e-commerce. Many cross-border sellers want to break into this market, and Lazada is the best way in.

According to Google and Temasek, Southeast Asia’s online economy hit $100 billion in 2019, and it is estimated to triple that by 2025. …

With the global eCommerce growth accelerating, entering new markets and addressing needs of local customers is a must. But where to start?

<a href=’'>Background photo created by snowing —</a>
<a href=’'>Background photo created by snowing —</a>

Expansion and growth are naturally the dominant goals on the horizon for any eCommerce business, and taking your business global is among the most effective paths to accomplishing this. Today’s business climate relies on digital interactions and transactions more than ever before, and advancements in technology have also made this easier.

A report from Goldman Sachs in late July of 2020 estimates that global eCommerce growth will reach 19% in 2020, compared with the 16% rise earlier predicted. “This acceleration is being driven primarily by faster growth in the US, Western Europe, Brazil, and most of the APAC,” the report…

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